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Coulter Collision Center schedules repairs based on many different factors. It is our goal to handle your repair in the most efficient and timely manner possible. By taking care of the administrative and parts ordering functions before you leave the vehicle for repairs, the length of repair time necessary can be greatly reduced.

When to Schedule Repairs

You can schedule your repair date at the same time you come down for an estimate or if you already have an estimate, simply give us a call and it can be scheduled on the phone.

Drivable Vehicles

If your vehicle is safe to drive following a collision, it is best to schedule the actual repair date far enough in advance that the administrative portion of the claim process can be handled.

Non-drivable Vehicles

Our office staff will assist with towing arrangements so that your vehicle can be moved to the shop as soon as possible. No appointment is needed.

Pre-ordering Parts

When damage is minor, necessary parts will be obtained before the scheduled repair date. This means the technician can start the work very soon after you drop off your damaged vehicle.

Processing your Insurance Claim

All insurance companies have a very specific documentation process that must be followed prior to starting repairs. We will schedule your drop off date to allow the time necessary to have this handled in advance.

Changing Scheduled Repair Date

If something comes up and you need to change your repair date, this is no problem, call us and we will re-schedule a more convenient time.

Length of Repair

As all accidents are different, repair time can vary a lot. Parts availability, work load, and insurance company administrative requirements are a just a few examples of factors that can affect time frame. Your Customer Service Representative will discuss these with you after the preliminary estimate is completed.