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Report a Claim


Reporting Your Claim

You will need to do this as soon as possible after the loss in order to prevent needless delays. If you are given a claim number at this time, please write it down as it will be needed if we contact the insurance company on your behalf. You should also write down the name and phone number of the insurance company representative you spoke with.

Contact Coulter Collision Center

Our expert staff is trained to ask you the questions that will allow us to assist you in an efficient manner. Because each insurance company has different procedures, the information we ask you for will vary based on your circumstances.

Direct Insurance Company Authorization

Coulter Collision Center has agreements with several insurance companies to write the estimate and perform the repairs to your vehicle without having an insurance appraiser directly involved. We will provide all the necessary documentation to the insurance company that will be paying for the repair work.

Working with Insurance Company Estimates

In some cases the insurance company will assign their own appraiser to write an estimate. They may do this at your home, work, or possibly a drive in claims center. Should this estimate be incomplete, a Coulter Collision Center Customer Service Representative will contact the insurance company during repairs so the appraiser can re-inspect the damage. During this re-inspection, this additional damage will be pointed out to the appraiser so that the additional costs can be approved.

Payment Process

In most cases, Coulter Collision Center will bill the insurance company directly for their portion of the amount due. Some companies will mail the payment directly to you in which case you will need to bring it with you when you pick up your completed vehicle. Your Customer Service Representative will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding payment.