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Rental Car Companies



Rental arrangements are best made prior to your scheduled repair date. Enterprise and Hertz are conveniently located very close to our facility and will pick you up when you drop your vehicle off for repairs. If your vehicle is towed into our shop, your customer service rep will help you coordinate with the rental company to pick you up at your home or office.

Making Reservations

Although our office staff is happy to assist with your reservation, you will need to contact the rental company directly to answer questions such as what type of vehicle and who will be driving the rental.

Payment for Rental Car

All insurance companies handle rental payments differently. Check with your insurance agent to confirm that your personal insurance policy will cover your rental car while you have it during repairs.


Most rental car companies require that a credit card be used to provide a deposit in case the rental is damaged while it is in your possession. Ask about this when you make your car rental reservation.

Responsibility for Damage

An insurance company may or may not be paying for the rental; however, you will likely be responsible for any damages that may occur to the vehicle while it is being rented.

Damage Waivers

All rental car companies offer some sort of supplemental insurance policy. In the case that an insurance company will be paying for the rental, they will not pay for the damage waiver. Contact your insurance agent to determine whether the rental is covered by your insurance policy while you are driving it and ask for advice as to whether you should purchase the waiver.

Age Requirements

Call the rental car company as this can vary, however, many companies will not rent to those under the age of 21.

Returning a Rented Car

When we complete the repairs to your vehicle, you can return the rental car at our shop to make the pick up as quick and convenient as possible.

Enterprise Rental – 602-265-1111
Hertz Rental – 602-636-1353