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Pre-ordering Parts

When damage is minor, necessary parts will be obtained before the scheduled repair date. This means the technician can start the work very soon after you drop off your damaged vehicle.

Processing your Insurance Claim

All insurance companies have a very specific documentation process that must be followed prior to starting repairs. We will schedule your drop off date to allow the time necessary to have this handled in advance.

Changing Scheduled Repair Date

If something comes up and you need to change your repair date, this is no problem, call us and we will re-schedule a more convenient time.

Length of Repair

As all accidents are different, repair time can vary a lot. Parts availability, work load, and insurance company administrative requirements are a just a few examples of factors that can affect time frame. Your Customer Service Representative will discuss these with you after the preliminary estimate is completed.

Quality Parts

Insurance companies can have very different policies regarding the types of parts used to repair your damaged vehicle. This section is included to explain the differences in original equipment new, aftermarket new, and recycled parts. Your Customer Service Representative can explain what the policies are of the insurance company paying for your repair.

New Original Equipment Parts (OEM)

These are parts that are made by either the manufacturer of your vehicle or a vendor that supplies them to the manufacturer for resale. As a rule, they are identical to the parts that were used during the vehicle manufacturing process.

New Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are copies of the original parts supplied when your vehicle was new. This could be anything from a fender to a headlight. Consumers have been purchasing these parts for years to contain the costs of mechanical repairs. Batteries, tires, and radiators are just a few examples of this. While all insurance companies require the use of aftermarket parts in certain situations, these requirements differ greatly from company to company. Your Customer Service Representative can give you more information pertaining to this. The parts must meet or exceed industry standards for safety, fit, and appearance or Coulter Collision Center will contact the insurance company and obtain permission to use OEM parts instead.

Recycled Parts

Recycled or used parts are generally original equipment parts that have been removed from a pre-owned vehicle that has been involved in an accident. This is not only good for the environment; it is another way to help contain costs without affecting repair quality. Each of these parts is inspected closely prior to installation.