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Tips to Consider when Choosing an Auto Body Shop

When choosing an auto body shop, it is not uncommon to come across various repair estimates. What is the difference? When is it okay to choose a cheaper body shop? Here are 5 tips that will help you choose the best body shop when your car needs to be repaired after a fender bender:


Any business can advertise, but you need to visit a shop that is recommended by people you know. When people recommend a business to you, it means they found the services satisfactory. It might not be the best-known business in your area, but it may offer the best.

Location and overhead

Large body shops may charge higher rates because they have many staff members to pay. This means that your bill adds up more quickly. Small shops, on the other hand, employ few people and charge lower rates. Their services might not be that good, though. Therefore, you need to consider the quality of services and size of a shop.

Get estimates

To avoid overcharges, you need to take your car to several body shops for quotes. While it is important to avoid extra charges, you should not just take the lowest quote, this may imply cost cutting.

Ask questions

When selecting a body shop, you need to ask the right questions. For instance, does the shop offer a written warranty? If they do, find out for how long. Take a minimum warranty of one year. Does the shop carry theft and fire insurance? You need to make sure that you are covered in the event that your vehicle is stolen or destroyed.

Follow your gut

Trust your gut when choosing a body shop. If the place is cluttered, disorganized, and dirty, that might reflect their work ethic.

When choosing an auto body shop in Phoenix, you should consider these tips. Coulter Collision has been serving Phoenix residents since 1923. Get in touch with them through (602) 532-4710.