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Three Places on Your Car Most Likely to Experience Accident Damage

No damage to your car is good, and all damage should be properly fixed as soon as possible. Cars are built to withstand most of the impact of a crash in order to protect the passengers in the vehicle. When  damage is not repaired your car may not protect you or your passengers as intended. Some damage is more common than other kinds of  damage. Here are the three most common places accident damage occurs on most cars.

Front and Rear Bumper Damage

These are the most likely reasons accident damage to your vehicle occurs. Either rear ending  another car, or being rear ended, yourself, can leave the front or back of your car in need of repair. The front bumpers are typically stronger on most cars and can withstand the force of impact better than the rear bumpers. This means that drivers who are rear ended almost always end up having some form of accident damage that needs to be repaired. Even minor cracks which seem small can turn into major problems quickly and without warning. Always make sure to have your vehicle checked by a reputable collision facility in the event that you get rear ended or rear end another car.

Fenders and Headlights

Fenders and headlights tie for second place when it comes to accident damage to your vehicle. Some fender incidents can occur without an accident, such as a garage or a fence. But, a majority of them are due to side impact collisions. Headlights are one of the most commonly damaged parts during an accident. The rigid plastic that makes up the headlights is very large and covers both corners of the front of your vehicle. Since the material is only plastic compared to the rest of your front bumper, it only makes sense that they will shatter and break with much less force that it would take to physically damage the bumper of the vehicle.


Ending the list of vehicle parts most likely to experience accident damage are your tires and wheels. Their location on the car makes them vulnerable to front end impacts, rear impacts, and side impacts. The good news is that most tires are not very expensive to replace and are easy to do so. Another bit of good news is that majority of the time only one tire needs to be fixed, rather than all four at once.