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Taking Care of Your Car After Vehicle Damage

Vehicle damage

When you get involved in a car accident the chances are high that some sort of vehicle damage will occur to your car. No matter which driver is at-fault, the damages to your car need to be repaired. How you will go about getting your damaged vehicle repaired  depends on a number of factors. The state in which the accident occurred and the person at fault during the accident will determine the person that will bear the costs of getting the vehicle repaired.

Types of damage

Before your car can be repaired, the extent of vehicle damage has to be professionally assessed to determine the work needed to restore it to its original state. The damage levels are categorized as minor, moderate and severe. Minor damages refer to scratches or scrapes sustained after an accident. These include things like smashed headlights or dents on the body of the car. Minor damages can be fixed as you wait. Moderate damages are extensions of minor damages with the dents now being larger and more visible. If the damage results in malfunctioning of your car, such as doors not opening or shutting correctly, then the damage is considered moderate. Lastly, there are severe damages. As the name suggests, the vehicle damage in this scenario is extreme with parts being broken and requiring complete replacements.


Whether your vehicle damage is mild, moderate or severe, you will need the services of a repair facility to ensure that the restoration is done professionally. Coulter Collision is a direct repair facility recognized by many insurance companies. This means you can claim the cost it takes to repair your vehicle from your respective insurer once we give you the quote. Arrangements can be made so the insurer covers the cost of repair and replacement of parts in cases of mild to severe damage. In these instances, the repair facility works closely with the assessors from your respective insurance company to make sure that your damaged vehicle is taken care of properly.