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Premier Car Dent Repair in Phoenix

Driving a car is fun, but when it gets dented it's no longer interesting, especially when you think of the cost and repairs that have to be done to it. However, having the problem fixed is important, as it will offer you many benefits in the long run. Additionally, it will save you extra costs that would result from not having the initial problems of your car fixed.

Today, there are different methods used to repair damages to a car and one of the most common for car dent repairs is PDR.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is a method used commonly for repairing minor dents on cars where most are acquired in accidents. The dents can be huge or small depending on the impact on bumped area. However, PDR is not enough to repair large dents. They will require total replacement of that portion of your vehicle that has been dented.

Paintless dent repairs are convenient and easy type of car dent repair services as it does not take long to fix the problem. This is commonly done as mobile service by most car dent repair companies. It is done using specialized tools to push out the dent from the inner part of the area being repaired. Screws or glues are used on the outer side to pull the dent back into position. The surfaces are then smoothened out carefully, and flaws are removed. This kind of car dent repair is mainly done on aluminum or steel panels.

Compared to traditional car dent repair methods, PDR is usually better and is more cost effective. The repairs are done carefully and manually so that repainting the dented area will not be necessary. This car dent repair process is done section by section carefully so as to avoid scratching or chipping off the paint. It is a service you will require the help of skilled professional car dent repair technicians.

Despite there being many car dent repair tools in the market today, there are tools that you will only find in dent repair centers. It's always good to take your car to a respected car dent repair center like Coulter Collision so damages can be evaluated. One of our car specialists will supply a competitive quote for you the repairs and the proper course of action that should be taken. Contact us today for more information!