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Why It's Important to Obtain Body Shop Estimates Before Repairing Your Vehicle

body shop estimatesYour vehicle has been damaged.

Now you are faced with the task of getting the vehicle repaired. Your first instinct may be just to take the car to the nearest body shop and have it repaired as soon as possible. You may feel getting body shop estimates take time and most shops will charge the same amount for repairs.
This is simply not true. Costs can vary between auto body shops and gathering estimates can help you find the best deal in getting your vehicle repaired along with a great amount of other information.

Estimates: A Learning Experience

Obtaining body shop estimates can be an opportunity to gather information not only about the cost to fix your vehicle but several other factors.

  1. It is best to obtain estimates from different types of body shops. Visit independent shops, auto dealerships, and franchise chain locations. Ask for a detailed estimate and ask questions to ensure you fully understand the work to be performed.
  2. Ask about what warranties are offered, what work is specifically covered and for how long is the warranty in effect.
  3. Does the body shop use original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) or generic, aftermarket parts? An estimate may be lower if the shop uses generic parts but OEM parts are made to be an exact match to your vehicle.
  4. Visit websites for the Better Business Bureau and other consumer protection agencies. See if there are any complaints against any of the shops you are considering. Find out if these disputes were resolved. You may even ask the shops for references.

Trust Your Instincts

As you obtain body shop estimates, you will learn a great deal about the topics listed above. But your will also gain an insight into the way the body shop conducts business. If you sense something seems unsettling about the shop, chances are you are correct.

Having a stellar reputation, Coulter Collision operates with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We encourage you to come by and have our friendly staff give you a competitive quote today.