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How to Obtain the Best Estimate for Collision Services

What thoughts flood your mind during the first few moments after a car accident? The possibility is that your thoughts are all over the place rather than dwelling on a specific issue. Initially, your thoughts might focus on injuries or fatalities though this depends on the severity of the accident. Therefore, what should you do to obtain the right estimate for the services? 

First, consult your insurance company. This is because many insurance companies employ experts who can provide excellent estimates for the full extent of collision services that your car needs. What is more, many insurance companies work closely with direct repair facilities or approved repair shops. You should ask the repair shops for a few recommendations.

Next, get in contact with Coulter Collision. You'll notice that our estimates are always superior to that of other repair shops. Our prices and proven experience puts us above the rest. 

You should also not forget to ask for details about the services to expect as part of the collision services. Of course our estimates always indicate the exact tasks or services we will either do or not do. Some of the common problems that emerge after a car collision that insurance companies do not cover include the following:

  • Nameplate replacements
  • Belt adjustments
  • Wheeling alignments
  • Fuel removal

Finally, check whether the collision services estimate contains incidentals or extras, which the vehicle needs during inspection. Before agreeing to pay the estimate, you should check with your insurance company first. After receiving the estimates, do not be afraid to ask the repair shop to adjust the figure accordingly.

If you begin following these tips from today, you will have a much easier time obtaining the estimate.