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How to Get a Fair Car Accident Estimate for Damages

When your car becomes damaged due to an accident, finding the right repair facility is a crucial first step in the repair process. When getting a car accident estimate there are a few steps to ensure that you get a fair estimate. Use these tips to find the best facilities when looking for an estimate for car damage after an accident.

Research Your Options

Research auto body shops within your area to see which ones are reputable when it comes to getting a car accident estimate. Search for consumer reviews on social media or other internet outlets to see which ones have done work like yours before and how the customers felt about the work performed. Check with the BBB to ensure the companies you are considering have a good rating. Getting to know an auto body shop's reputation can save you needless work later down the line.

Talk with Family and Friends

Word of mouth is a great source when it comes to getting a car accident estimate from a reliable shop. Ask your family and friends which collision repair shops they have used and why they liked the facility. Ask how quickly the work was completed, whether it was completed on time, and whether there were any other issues. Make sure to  find out about the customer service the shop offered.  Gather as much information as you can about a repair facility to narrow down your choices.

Talk with Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will be involved with the entire process from start to finish so it's a good idea to talk with them before getting a car accident estimate. Find out if there are certain requirements that the estimate must have, or if there are certain specifications. If you insurance is going to be paying for some or all of the repair, then getting the estimate done properly will make the process as smooth as possible.

Get Several Estimates

Once you have searched online, talked with family and friends, and asked your insurance company for repair referrals, you are ready to start getting estimates. In order to receive a proper car accident estimate of damage and how much to repair it, you will have to visit the shop. Get two to three estimates to give you an idea of what your looking at and see which facility offers the work at the best price.

Getting a fair estimate may seem like a long task, but it is not one you should take lightly. You want the best for your car so finding the best facility is important. Estimates are going to play into your decision when it comes to repairing your car, so consider all of your information carefully before choosing.