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Coulter Collision and Car Bumper Repair

Fixing car bumpers

As a car owner, you have been in situations where you reverse the car in haste and fail to check the obvious blind spots. You cringe when you feel the bumper crunching as it comes into contact with a barrier. The design and intent of bumpers was to protect the structure of the vehicle from impacts arising from collisions. This is because the bumpers are often the first part to come into contact with the object resulting in an impact. Scratches and scuffs to the bumper can be unsightly and especially easy to get, even with the most cautious of drivers. There are a number of ways that an accredited auto repair shop can improve the appearance of a damaged bumper.

Bumper Mechanics

Unlike in the past when bumpers used to be made of sheet metal,  the part of the car that is used to protect its structure from being damaged is hidden behind a piece of semi rigid plastic. The plastic covering is designed in a way that it deflects or deforms easily when bumped. Minor abrasions might pop out easily but when the impact is severe, the plastic material might bend, rip or break. Different car makers have varying ways in which they attach the plastic material to the car.

Bumper Repair

At Coulter Collision, you do not have to worry about the expenses that are above the deductibles you are entitled from your insurer. There are a variety of insurance companies that have Coulter Collision on their ‘direct repair facility’ list. This means that your car bumper repair will be handled without you having to worry about the charges. At Coulter Collision, there is a team of dedicated professionals who will meticulously perform the kind of repair that your bumper requires. Depending on the material of your bumper, the experts at Coulter Collision will work with precision to ensure that any signs of dents or scratches are erased. Once the dents have been removed, the car bumper repair is finished off by applying a coat of painting that will match the overall look of the vehicle.  

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