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The Automotive Repair Process: How it Works

When your car needs automotive repair, you find yourself dealing with a variety of feelings. You must first figure out who to trust your car with. Then comes the process of obtaining reliable transportation until the repair process is complete. Knowing what all is involved in the repair processes take can help you determine how long you will need alternative transportation.


The first step in the repair process is the estimate. All damages will be inspected and documented. From this documentation, you will receive an estimate form.  Keep in mind that this is only an estimate. Sometimes once the collision center begins work, there are hidden damages that could not be documented. This will cause your estimate to increase. Your estimate should include parts, costs and estimated time frame to complete the work.

Authorization Form

You must give your permission for Coulter Collision Center to begin performing your automotive repair. If the insurance company is involved in the repair process they must also approve the work. This step must take place before parts are ordered or any work is begun.

Disassemble the Vehicle

Once all authorization is obtained your vehicle will be taken apart. During this process additional damage will be documented for you and the insurance company. Replacement parts will be ordered. Your automotive repair will begin once the repair parts come in.


During the repair process any dents in the vehicle will be removed. New panels will be attached and installed. Sealant will be applied and sanding will take place to prepare the panel for painting. The area will be properly cleaned and your vehicle will then be painted. Once this happens, and all replacement parts have been been installed, your vehicle will be reassembled.

Detailing and Quality Inspection

Once all repairs are done and your car is reassembled it will be cleaned inside and out. This removes any dirt and debris from the repairs. Once detailing is done, your vehicle will be test driven. This step ensures that all parts perform satisfactorily before delivering your newly repaired vehicle.

Make sure to thoroughly check your vehicle after repairs before signing any paper work. Walk around your vehicle and inspect to make sure you are completely satisfied with the work. Inquire about the warranty on all replacement parts. Once you are completely satisfied, sign any paperwork and you're ready to be back in your vehicle.