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5 tips for saving on car body repairs

September 19, 2016
Whether it is from a minor fender bender or a full-blown car accident, damage makes your car look unsightly and costs a lot to repair. An accident can also lead to higher insurance premiums, which…

Tips to Consider when Choosing an Auto Body Shop

September 16, 2016
When choosing an auto body shop, it is not uncommon to come across various repair estimates. What is the difference? When is it okay to choose a cheaper body shop? Here are 5 tips that will help you…

How to Get a Fair Car Accident Estimate for Damages

September 14, 2016
When your car becomes damaged due to an accident, finding the right repair facility is a crucial first step in the repair process. When getting a car accident estimate there are a few steps to ensure…

Three Places on Your Car Most Likely to Experience Accident Damage

September 13, 2016
No damage to your car is good, and all damage should be properly fixed as soon as possible. Cars are built to withstand most of the impact of a crash in order to protect the passengers in the vehicle.…

The Automotive Repair Process: How it Works

August 30, 2016
When your car needs automotive repair, you find yourself dealing with a variety of feelings. You must first figure out who to trust your car with. Then comes the process of obtaining reliable…